September 09, 2021

Welcome to St Marc

By Kevin Mowles
Welcome to St Marc

At St Marc we live in pursuit of the ideal balance between quality and value in the practical day to day use of textiles in the home.

We often use an analogy drawn from our philosophy around food, that simple healthy produce should experience as little intervention as possible. Eighteen months of research lead us to a boutique textile factory in China that specialises in importing pure linen yarn from France, weaving it and making the final product.

It’s our view that products with longevity, such as pure linen bedding, should be designed in such a way that the finished product will transcend seasonal fashion. We have manufactured St Marc linen to be used beyond the vagaries of season to season trending.

Each product is developed within guidelines informed by strict criteria considering the end use and the comfort that St Marc’s products bring into our sleep. Every bedding item has been stone washed to ensure that your bedding has a soft crushed finish.

The spec on every product is generous and will sit very relaxed once dressed onto your bed, bringing a relaxed easy aesthetic to the bedroom.