October 15, 2021

How to Care for Your Linen

By Kevin Mowles
How to care for linen


1. Sleep in your lovely soft linen sheets
2. Gather your dirty sheets with similar colour laundry
3. Use a quality liquid laundry detergent
4. Machine was on a warm, gentle cycle*
5. Line dry avoiding too much direct sunlight

*If you live in an apartment or somewhere without access to a clothes line, add an additional spin cycle to the end of your wash to dry the linen as much as possible. Tumble dry on a cool setting and remove as soon as dry. Keep in mind tumble drying will reduce the lifetime of your linen.

These instructions are the ‘ideal’ way to care for your linen and will consequently maximise the life of the linen. The linen yarn that we use to manufacture St Marc is spun from a fine but robust fibre that will tolerate less gentle washing cycles and tumble drying if necessary, this will however effect the lifespan of the linen. Further to that, tumble drying and washing on high heat settings will cause some shrinkage. This will vary depending on the appliance and its’ settings.

How to care for your St Marc linen

St Marc fabric is dyed and finished, and then stone washed prior to being cut and sewn. This process gives us a pre-wash pre-shrunk cloth prior to cutting and sewing our bedding. There will be some ongoing shrinkage, but it’s negligible.

St Marc fabric is all pre-tested for colour fastness. In terms of washing our colour fast results are excellent, with little or no movement in the colour.

Important Note: In Australia our greatest threat to colour fastness is the sun. Consumers should be mindful of hanging their bedding outside to dry on hot sunny days as this will certainly effect the colour. This is a general guideline for all textile products.