October 20, 2021

How to Choose Your Linen

By Kevin Mowles
How to choose your linen
In our 22 years of experience helping clients to choose their bed linen, these are the steps that we’ve established to help people make the best choice.

1. Consider your bedroom
As a starting point, consider the elements that make up your bedding, are you a Duvet person or a blanket person. Are you a Flat sheet user or do you just find them annoying. How many pillows do you have on the bed, and what size are they? This will guide you to make a, list of the items that you're shopping for.

Linen bundled2. What's in your linen cupboard?
Go through your existing linen and think of this as if you're wardrobing. Do you want your new linen to work back with your existing linen or are you after a fresh new look.

3. What colours and materials are already in your space?
Consider the materials and colours of the key elements in your room, flooring, window treatments, bed head, wardrobe and paint colours. And co-ordinate these elements back to the linen colours you’re considering.

4. Consider your lighting
Also think about the amount of light in the room. Darker spaces lend themselves to lighter - brighter bedding, spaces filled with an abundance of natural light are far more versatile when you're choosing your colours.

5. Request swatches
Obtain a swatch of a colour if you’re venturing into new territory. That way you test how the colour works with the light in your space. Keep in mind that when you’re shopping on-line that photographers introduce light into the shoot and colours aren't always represented as true- to-colour.

6. Do you have a preference for finish?
Think about the finish or the handle that you want. If this is important to you, this is another reason to ask your supplier for a swatch. That way you’ll get a feel for the linen that you’ll be sleeping in.

7. Check the dimensions
Look at the dimensions of the linen and make sure that the depth on the fitted sheet and the overall allowance of the fitted sheet will cover your mattress with room to spare. Ensure that the flat sheets are generous and will easily cover your mattress with plenty of extra fabric for tucking in.