At St Marc we live in pursuit of the ideal balance between quality and value in the practical day to day use of textiles in the home.

Each product is developed within strict guidelines informed by strict criteria to expect that each product will feel lovely to use and will wash well and last.

Our products are specified to dress very relaxed onto your bed, bringing a relaxed easy aesthetic to the bedroom.

The Product.

Made from pure linen from France and stone washed to deliver a beautiful soft feeling linen. Linen fibre is bio-thermal, think insulation. Highly breathable creating lots of air flow away from the body on warmer nights and retaining body warmth when it’s cold.

Linen actually improves with wear. The fibre has a high tensile strength. Like most Bast fibres it’s very strong (think Hemp). If well cared for, your linen should last twice as long as premium quality cotton.